Jentle Mas​​sage

The mission of Jentle Massage is to provide customized

massage therapy and bodywork in a safe and "jentle" way

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is also known as the western or classic style of massage. It is a scientific system of manipulations on the muscles and connective tissues of the body for the purpose of relaxation, rehabilitation,or health maintenance.

Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage is the modification of existing massage therapy techniques in order to safely work with complications of cancer and cancer treatment. If you or someone you love is living with cancer, consider massage as a therapeutic, nurturing choice to help navigate this difficult journey.

Pediatric Massage

Studies conducted by the Touch Research Institutes at the University of Miami School of Medicine show that massage can alleviate pain, anxiety, and depression in pediatric clients. Massage therapy also provides comfort, relaxation, reduction of stress hormones, and relief from chronic conditions such as: asthma, nausea, constipation and muscle aches.

Hospice Massage

Focused or intentional touch can convey a message of being cared for, being safe, being worthwhile and being connected to a greater whole. These feelings of safety help dying persons to develop a more positive relationship with their physical body and their dying process. This helps to ease attitudinal symptoms such as: anger, depression and fear.

Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy not only makes a woman feel pampered, but offers undeniable physical benefits as well. Massage can relieve fatigue, enhance sleep, alleviate backaches, and calm an active baby. 

Chair Massage

Chair massage includes massage and bodywork provided to the fully clothed client in a variety of settings.

This technique involves the use of a specially designed massage chair in which the client sits comfortably.  


Practiced in various cultures for more than 3,000 years, cupping therapy is a traditional form of alternative medicine. This technique uses suction to create negative air pressure next to the skin, in effect “lifting” the skin from the soft tissues underneath and allowing fluid to more freely nourish those tissues

Bamboo Massage

 Bamboo Massage is a practice that incorporates the use of warm bamboo and rattan tools to knead and massage the muscles of the body. The heat of the Bamboossage® sticks warms up the tissue, which prepares the muscles for deeper work. Pivoting movements, along with kneading and rolling techniques, soften the muscles.

Synergy Stones

Designed by Scott Wynn to blend the healing power of Hot Stone Massage with the relaxation of Swedish and therapeutic qualities of Deep Tissue bodywork.